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Local Industries

Local Industries was founded in 2011 by Elias and Yousef Anastas. Palestinian architects, Anastas' were looking for a way to insert local craft techniques to their work. Their keen interest with furniture stems from their architectural work.  Local Industries’ goal is to offer to an international clientele a highly functional furniture crafted by local artisans. This endeavor aims to reassert the value of local Palestinian labour without freezing it in a traditional and obsolete role or mindlessly imposing alien standards to its method of work.

Created in the summer of 2014, el-Atlal (the Ruins) is a cultural network that aims to support artistic exchanges between Palestine and the world. The project will be implemented in Jericho.

Palestine benefits from a long history, a cosmopolitan and ever-renewed culture and a diverse geography where the desert, the sea, forests, urban centres and small agricultural villages coexist in an extremely small space. As such, it is highly conducive to literary and artistic production. is an online travel and urban guide to Palestine, aiming at breaking stereotypes and promoting an alternative experience of Palestinian cities by mixing texts, pictures and sounds.


The website contains practical information, advice, broad maps and contacts for travelers. In addition to this, it also presents a cultural and literary dimension, using different communication and artistic tools.

Via Ethos is a non-profit company that saw the day as a result of the accumulated experience of its founders. The vision was to combine in a strong synergy the three different backgrounds, non-governmental organizations, public sector and private sector, in order to establish Via Ethos based on strong foundations.


Via Ethos is dedicated to providing nonprofits, private sector businesses and public sector with know-how in management, implementation, and evaluation of cultural, societal, humanitarian, healthcare, business and tourism projects.


Via Ethos

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